Pre Heating System

Item Codes:

Item Code: DHI-15

Working with less energy consumption, this Inverter Induction Heater is completely reliable in performance. These induction heaters are supplied in the market in complete shock proof body and which is heat resistant. In addition to this, inverter induction heaters are durable in nature.


  • Mobility - weighs only 4.5 kg in a compact size comparable to a small welding machine.
  • Capacity 1.5 kW, high load factor.
  • Easy handling and access - coil connecting cable length of 70 cm with a small carrying handle.
  • Flexibility and simple operation - it may be connected anywhere to the power grid with a single 230 V connection, simple and quick preparation.
  • Versatile heating elements for every application - for sha-ped, flat, circular, positioned or standard parts.
  • State-of-the-art and affordable method of workshop heating.


  • Automotive, railway and ship construction industry, machine construction, car repair shops, assembly shops, plumbers and heating engineers, house hobby rooms etc.
  • Manufacture, repair renovation, maintenance.
  • Parts that require heating such as bolts, rod and profile steel, metallic sheets, bearings, cases, driving shafts, suspensi-ons, nuts, pipes, gears, spring bases, shafts, lambda probes, machine and vehicle parts and components, exhausts, pulleys boxes, bushings etc.
  • Heating of tools and parts prior to hardening, gluing, soldering.
  • Defrosting.
  • The same applications as those of LPG and autogenous burners.

Technical Specifications:

 Technical Data  Technical Data
 Mains supply voltage U 1 / I 1max  230 V, 50/60 Hz
 Power consumption P 1max1.5 kVA  1.5 kVA
 Working frequency  25-60 kHz, auto. adjustment
 PF (power factor)  0.99 (PFC)
 Continuous heating / load factor  100% *
 Fixed inductors  Yes
 Flexible inductors  Yes
 Inductor check  Yes
 Short-circuit proof  Yes
 Open-circuit proof  Yes
 FAN control  Yes
 Weight  4.5 kg
 Size (LxWxH)  200x140x75 mm

Order No. of Set accessories:

Set and Coils Description No.
DHI-15+case+flexi+PAD+19+26 coils DHI-15-Set
Induction wire, d+4 mm, I=750 mm DHI-IND075
PAD coil removal DHI-REMOVAL
Focusing coil 20/220 mm DHI-SPOT
Flexi coil 10 m2, I=800 mm DHI-FLEX1800
Set of 8 coils 15-45 mm SET-8s or B

Heating Inverter

Excellent finishing is given to these Heating Inverters with the use of best machineries. Light in weight, these inverters are superior in working and highly admired by the customers from electrical industry. Our offered heating inverters are presented in the market in complete safe packing.


  • Mobility - weighs only 17 kg, small size similar to a small welding machine.
  • High performance - 10.5 kW connection to up to 4 elements with a total length of up to 4.5 m.
  • 3 in 1 - complex consisting of inverter + thermo control+ recorder*.
  • Flexibility of use - can be connected anywhere, power supply 3x
  • 400 V 32 A, easy and quick installation.
  • Intuitive and easy control - low attention demands during ope- ration. Control is similar to welding machines.
  • Versatile use of preheating - even heating


  • Parts that require preheating before welding in the automotive, rail and shipping industry.
  • Pipe and flange – manufacturing, construction and repairs.
  • Petrochemical industry - manufacturing, constructi- on and repairs.
  • Preheating before hard surfacing, foundry.
  • Heat exchangers, pressure vessels, flanges etc.
  • Energy industry.
  • Manufacture of steel structures.
  • Mining equipment.
  • Maintenance