Plasma System

Item Code: HPR400XD

Minimized operating cost:

  • Hy Performance Plasma lowers operating cost and improves profitability.

  • Patented Long Life ® technology significantly increases consumable life and enables consistent Hy Definition cut quality over the longest period of time.

  • Hy per therm consumables are manufactured with the highest quality standards and latest patented technology to ensure consistently longer life

  • The combination of Long Life technology and high cut speeds enables Hyper therm systems to produce more cut parts per set of consumables, reducing your cost per part.

Unmatched reliability:

  • Extensive testing, backed by more than four decades of experience, guarantees the Hy per therm quality you can count on.
  • During development, the Hy Performance systems endure rigorous reliability testing procedures that are equivalent to over 10 years of use in extreme operating environments.
  • Hypertherm’s engineers leveraged decades of experience to produce a robust and simple system with 50% fewer parts than other systems on the market. Studies have shown that fewer parts directly results in greater reliability.
  • Self-diagnostics run automatically at startup and continually while cutting to ensure that the system
  • operates at peak performance.

Technical Specifications:

Input voltages VAC 200/208 220 240 380 400 440 480 600 Hz 50/60 50/60 60 50/60 50/60 60 60 60 Amps 262/252 238 219 138 131 120 110 88
Output voltage 200 VDC
Output current 400 A
Duty cycle 100% at 40 C (104 F) at 45
Maximum OCV 360 VDC
Dimensions 118 cm (46.4”) H, 88 cm (34.7”) W, 126 cm (49.7”) L
Weight with torch 851 kg (1250 lbs)
Gas supply Plasma gas Shield gas Gas pressure O2, N2, F5*, H35**, Air,Ar N2, O2, Air, Ar 8.3 bar (120 psi) Manual gas console 8 bar (115 psi) Automatic gas console