Oxy Cutting Head


Robust holder of torch and additional accessories for gas cutting design prevents any damage of cutting head. Individual parts by impact "floating" design of head enables a torch protection in case of any collision with cut material backlash-free fit of guiding elements. Utilization for all types of manufactured oxyacetylene cutting machines. Maintenance-free design the machine can be equipped also with an air cooling for demanding applications, adjustable speed of torch motion.

Technical data:

  • Dimensions:120mm x 95mm x 470mm (width x depth x height)
  • Torch standard diameter: 32mm (other diameter on the basis of requirement)
  • Movement speed: 2100mm/min
  • Standard range of motorized vertical move: 150 mm ( other range on the basis of requirement)
  • Standard range of manual vertical move: 120 mm ( according to the torch length )
  • Angle adjustment: front-back angle 45°, right-left angle 45°
  • Power supply: 24V DC

Additional Functions:

Electric ignition:

It is used for an automatic ignition of torch. It works for all types of preheating gases.

Automatic control of torch height above material:

It secures a contactless maintaining of correct height of oxy torch above the material during cutting. Swinging mechanism of capacity ring prevents any damage in case of any unexpected collision with material (for example a cut piece displacement at the end of cutting process )

Selection of torches:

It is used for a selection ( activation ) of requested oxy torches from the control system. Manual opening and closing of valves in the torches is not necessary.

  • Plasma system by customer request
  • Pneumatic anti-collision system
  • Pneumatic, plasma or inkjet marker
  • Control system heating (for winter operation)