Control System of CNC Profile Cutting Machine

Industrial version:

The base of the control system is a very durable industrial computer which need not be cooled under routine working conditions. Computer data are stored into Compact Flash Disc. That design completely eliminates faults due to fatigue or damage of moving parts.

Color touch display:

Ten-year s experience with touch screens has shown that such communication between the control system and operator is now the fastest and the most comfortable solution. The industrial version guarantees its long endurance and high reliability even under extremely dusty environmental and climatic conditions. The basic prerequisite for comfortable operation is a suitable software interface with large enough controls and clear screen. That was the most important factor in development of this control system. A great benefit from the viewpoint of the service life and maintenance is absence of mechanical push-buttons and controls.

Communication interface:

The communication interface helps the operator in an intelligible and intuitive way in preparation of cutting and during the process. Each screen of the machine can be adapted to the particular specification of the machine and to the currently used technology. This fact together with logical succession of separate steps of the control process makes the system very simple for training operators. Large controls make the operative control even easier using a touch display. That system can be used all over the world thanks to unambiguous images of the controls together with different language versions of legends and reports.

Clear graphic interface:

The system screen is clearly divided into four parts:

Status bar - it shows the current position of the machine in X and Y axes, current date and time and report on the machine condition. Different conditions of the machine are highlighted by changed color of the window for better orientation of the operator.
Main window - it changes depending on the work which is being done and current state of the control system.It us used for entering parameters and setting the whole system
Tool panel - it is used for operating tools, above all, cutting heads. The appearance of the panel changes during work depending on the selected technology.

Control panel - it is used for automatic and manual control of the machine. The appearance of the window does not change during work so that the most important controls of the system could be accessed immediately.
Two sizes of the screen - 15“ and 19“

  • 15“ - economical version suitable for smaller machines and applications. It just has small dimensions, but not lower Performance and worse software.
  • 19“ - explicit and large display provides very transparent and comfortable operation with a detailed view of the graphic part of the screen.