Automatic Gas Console

Automatic gas console is used for gas pressure control and for the control of pressure changes during the process of steel plate cutting by means of oxyacetylene torches. Pressure changes are carried out automatically on the basis of input control signals and values selected in the touch screen of the controller, possibly from PC with operation system Win98, WinNT, WinXP or Win7.


number of control valves 3 proportional
power supply 230V/50Hz
dimensions 465mm x 240mm x 125mm (width-depth-height)
weight 12,5 kg
Maximum values of input pressures 2 bars preheating gas 8 bars preheating oxygen 12 bars cutting oxygen
maximum values of output pressures 1 bar preheating gas 3 bars preheating oxygen 10 bars cutting oxygen (other pressures on the basis of a requirement)
Controlled quantities low pressure of preheating gas
     low pressure of preheating oxygen
high pressure of preheating gas
high pressure of preheating oxygen
output pressure of cutting oxygen (maximum time for an achievement of the pressure is 10s, minimum time is 0,1s)